Age of Legends Incidental Graphics

Publicity images and logos for the 6d6 RPG Age of Legends Kickstarter.

All images are released under the Creative Commons 3.0 CC-BY-SA license. Which means you are free to use these images however you want but anything you do with them must also be released under the CC-BY-SA license and must credit 6d6 as the artwork’s creators.

This does not impinge on your right to fair use of this artwork in reviews and commentary about 6d6 RPG Age of Legends.

Please ask if you have any questions about using the artwork or about 6d6 or Age of Legends.

Kickstarter Project: Age of Legends Kickstarter (Preview)


Champion of Ares Transparent Background 90dpi 500px Champion of Hecate Transparent Background 90dpi 500px


Omens Storm Transparent Background 90dpi 500px