Age of Legends

Publicity images and logos for the 6d6 RPG Age of Legends Kickstarter.

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Kickstarter Project: Age of Legends Kickstarter (Preview)

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6d6 Age of Legends Orange

RGB 225, 127, 0

6d6 Age of Legends Brown

RGB 51, 28, 30

Kickstarter Publicity Images

Kickstarter Summary

Age of Legends Kickstarter Summary Image 2000px

Kickstarter Book Cover + Summary

Age of Legends Book Cover Kickstarter Details 90dpi 1500px

Age of Legends Book Cover

Age of Legends Kickstarter Book Cover 90dpi 2000px

Title Logos

Age of Legends Title (White Background)

Age of Legends Title White Background 90dpi 1000x100px

Age of Legends Title (Transparent Background)

Age of Legends Title Transparent Background 90dpi 1000x100px

Sample Artwork from the Video / Book

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Age of Legends Publicity Image – Raw

Age of Legends Cover Image Raw 90dpi 1500px


History Scene Age of Legends Kickstarter


Olympus Publicity Image 90dpi 1500px



Tartarus Publicity Image 90dpi 1500px


Map Publicity Image 90dpi 1500px

Map No Background

Map No Background Publicity Image 90dpi 1500px


Omens Publicity Image 90dpi 1500px


Heroes Publicity Image 90dpi 1500px

Other Images

For general 6d6 and 6d6 RPG Logos, please see our 6d6 brand page. See this page for the images & text we used as Kickstarter headlines and stretch goals. This pages has small images such as the Age of Legends champions.