6d6 RPG – The Absolute Basics

Every player takes on the role of a character who interacts with and explores a world described by the Game Leader. The character's capabilities are defined by their potential and advantages.

  • Potential is how much a character can do
  • Advantages are what they can do and how well they do it

When characters face danger, a difficult challenge or any situation where the outcome is uncertain, they use their advantages and potential to take an action.


Characters have a limited amount of potential available and tokens or small coins are ideal for tracking how much has been used. There are two types of potential: dynamic potential which is conscious thought and static potential which is reflexive or unconscious thought. Different coloured or sized tokens should be used to track each type of potential. New characters start with four dynamic potential and two static potential.


Advantages are found on the character sheet and each character starts with a unique mix of around fifteen advantages.

Advantages come in a range of colours. The colours are a guide to the type of advantage but most of the time the colour is not important.

Each advantage contains a title and summary describing the advantage which may include special instructions relating to its effects.

The advantage's keywords define the type of advantage (e.g. Life or Skill), add descriptive details (e.g. Two-Handed, Armour) and certain rules which apply to the advantage (e.g. Range or Blast).

The CP (Character Points) and dice value decide how powerful or effective the character is with this type of advantage. Advantages have dice values between 1d6+0 and 1d6+6 and a CP of between four and 25.

Most advantages require dynamic potential to use but some are static and need static potential. Other than the type of potential used, static and dynamic advantages are identical.

Any advantage which does not say static under the dice value uses dynamic potential.


There are two types of equipment: yellow character equipment and pink mundane equipment. Character equipment covers signature items such as the gun-fighter's pearl-handled revolvers or the musician's guitar. These have CP and dice values like other advantages.

Mundane equipment is everything else the character uses or controls. It can be anything from a rock picked off the ground to the interstellar spaceship they are piloting. Mundane equipment is always worth 1d6+0.

Mundane and character equipment both cost potential to use, normally dynamic potential.