6d6 People

6d6 is an open company built on the idea that anyone who is willing to turn-up and do things is a welcome part of the team. If you would like to get involved, contacted Chris@6d6RPG.com.

Chris Tregenza

Chris Tregenza, Founder of 6d6 RGP

Co-founder of 6d6, creator of the 6d6 RPG, author of 6d6 Core, 6d6 Modern, Savage Island, Dungeon of Demon Strata, Mince Pies & Murder, and The Road To Petra. Chris also 6d6’s chief-editor and handles most of the design and artwork. Three other things Chris has done that few people know:

Jaye Foster


Jaye lives in Hong Kong where he behaves like any good Englishman in the tropics, i.e. he complains about the weather. When not being British, Jaye writes and he is the co-author of Age of Legends and most of the blog posts for 6d6. Currently he is writing adventures about giant chickens and cuddly toys.

Mark Foster


Mark is on the south coast of the UK where he does clever things with radiation. When not irradiated, he spends his time LARPing and ringing bells.

Pat & Emily King

The Kings live in Derby and have small child. Between them they write, draw and make things featuring horror and cuteness in about equal proportions.

They Also Serve


Many people have been important to 6d6 including it’s early writers – Ben Jackson and Kieran Kowalski – plus a whole crowd of people who helped us at conventions – Phay Valentine, Matt Jackson, Sunny Johal and Ben Lally. Credit also to local game stores, especially Andy at Chimera and Dave at the Dice Cup (nee Mondo Comico).

Photo Credit: August Brill