Hot Picks from Highmoor Dungeon Expo – Part 10

Stuck for gift ideas? Try these picks from the Year of the Angry Lynx’s Highmoor Dungeon Expo.

The best and hottest new magic items from this year’s Highmoor Dungeon Expo chosen by our reporter Aurora Valentine

Windful Windmills

I found these being sold from a concession stand tucked into one of the through corridors. A little old lady called Nanna Vulpa in a bright green cardigan was selling them to children for only a ducket each. I’ve no idea what magical laws apply but the more you blow on these colourful little paper windmills the stronger and stronger the breeze on the other size becomes. I saw one enterprising gnome child send themselves flying a dozen metres when she held her windmill up to a door gap between halls A and B. Strangely, I couldn’t find any sign of Nanna in the expo directory.

Blame Egg

If you want to avoid getting egg on your face, then you’ll best avoid this cheap little toy from Bobbo’s Dungeon Fun. On the surface it’s a normal hen’s egg until you set it spinning. When the sequence of runes on it stops glowing the eggs stands on its point until asked question of responsibility. Then it flings itself at the person of the greatest blame. It was mostly kids buying these up, no doubt to liven up teenage parties. Gossip in the press room was that a couple of expo organizers had bought a crate and were using them to settle disputes. This might explain all the bouts of angry shouting around the company’s booth on day 3.

Cup of Mean Healing

Making a perfectly optimal use of your potions only appeals to a certain type of adventurer. The ones that have to always search every corpse, change their accessories mid-fight or time their naps to the minute. Giving them this cup should make them more bearable to journey with. Pouring a potion into the cup averages out it’s healing potential so that you know exactly how much better you’re going to feel after you drink it. Even better, the healing is directly proportional to how much you drink, letting you share out the potion with others. Not a drop need be wasted as the grade markings on the cup change to match the potion it contains.

Aurora Valentine is a staff and features writer for Adventurer’s Monthly. She wields the great sword Requiem, detests oozes and plays the lute badly.

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