Hot Picks from Highmoor Dungeon Expo – Part 6

Camp safely and pleasantly with my camping selection from the Year of the Angry Lynx’s Highmoor Dungeon Expo.

The best and hottest new magic items from  this year’s Highmoor Dungeon Expo chosen by our reporter Aurora Valentine

Wilderness TR-7000 Ever Folding Tent

Be it rain, cold, wind or giant insects, you’ll want a tent so you can sleep in peace. But they’re such a pack burden the rest of the time, taking up space and weight that could be used for loot and potions. Portguard Camping Supplies has developed a tent that folds and folds and folds until it can fit into a ring. I don’t begin to understand how PCS have managed it. They tried explaining it to me but once the mathimagics introduced plane theory my brain glazed over. Unfolding the tent is trivial; all you do is flip the cap of the ring and the tent pops out. The sales rep assured me that with practice it may take 10 mins to pack away. Indeed the demonstration took 12 minutes whilst talking.

Clockwork Concierge

As you wind up the enchanted clockwork by turning the small handle on the back of the metal figurine, the little suited man becomes increasingly active. When fully wound up, it totters around your campsite making a note of everything that needs to be done before you can safely sleep. As well as checking the obvious, such as keeping the campfire small, it also checks nearby rocks aren’t trolls and gnarly trees are just gnarly trees. Seasoned adventurers may turn their noses up at being told how to camp by an automaton but I’ve never met an adventure who hasn’t made at least one embarrassing mistake.

Scroll of Radial Detection

Unless you’ve had the misfortune to be badly magically mutated, you can’t see in every direction at once. In a dungeon you can find a spot or dead end to put you back against but in a forest or an open field you can get snuck up on. When placed flat on the ground, this scroll scans the area and chimes if there’s anything nearby.  Adventurer’s Monthly got sent a demo of this scroll six months ago and that version had disastrous sensitivity issues. I’m pleased to say that Portguard Camping Supplies have resolved this and added more to the user interface so that you can now tell which direction the chime is coming from.

Aurora Valentine is a staff and features writer for Adventurer’s Monthly. She wields the great sword Requiem, detests oozes and plays the lute badly.

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