Hot Picks from Highmoor Dungeon Expo – Part 2

In need of insight and information but nothing you do reveals anything new? These three items from the Year of the Angry Lynx’s Highmoor Dungeon Expo are sure to help you along with your discovery.

The best and hottest new magic items from this year’s Highmoor Dungeon Expo chosen by our reporter Aurora Valentine

Soul Window

Ever wonder quite what is going on in another person’s head? I’ve often wondered that during tiresome escort quests when my charge seems determined to get themselves killed. If you’re willing to completely violate their privacy, then a soul window from Baqlathana’s Mental Workshop will let you see their emotions. I tried it out on Baqlathana’s shop assistant. All I had to do was point a small lens of enchanted glass at their head and I could read what they were feeling. Not nearly as good as being able to read their thoughts, but I can see it being very useful when trying to negotiate a better fee for clearing out a goblin nest.

True Colours

This is one that is going to be popular with all you investigative adventurers. We all know the idiom about walls having ears but what about what the walls saw? By blending chronomancy with pigments Rhivys Gwilliam has produced a paint that forms murals depicting past events that happened in front of the surface. The paint starts off as a dull beige but quickly becomes colourful as it dries. The thicker the coating of paint, the further into the past the murals reveal. Gwilliam says he developed it to commemorate important events but I know of at least a dozen city watches that will be buying in bulk

Value Algae

You’re there at the market, having just crawled your way out of the some filthy dungeon. Your pack is full of loot but no matter your bargaining, you keep getting crappy prices from the merchants. No one wants to give you fair value forth the corroded and grimey jewellery you’re offloading. That’s what you need value algae for. Paste this gunk over the object your want cleaned and overnight the algae will have eaten all the dirt and debris. Washing it off will reveal the object almost as good a new, is smelling faintly of brine and sulfur. The gnome who was gnoming the booth assured me that the smell goes away after a few days. I refrained from asking what had happened to the left half of his beard.

Aurora Valentine is a staff and features writer for Adventurer’s Monthly. She wields the great sword Requiem, detests oozes and plays the lute badly.

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