Short Seeds for RPGs – Lantern Knights and Spell Side Effects

As you walk the streets at night in safety, spare a thought for those whose name you did not know who died for your safety. The gas lamps may light up the main roads, but there are still many places where the shadows are dominant. The Order of the Lantern is a society of knights who have spent three hundred years bringing the light to darkness. Though small in number, they have managed to protect civilisation from even the knowledge of the monsters. Once this was a costly fight as the knights had only sword and flame as weapons. The progress of industry now equips them with ballistics and unwavering light. However, the progress of the light is not destroying the monsters but instead is pushing them together. As their enemy’s density increases, the Lantern Knights must work ever harder to contain them.

They watched anxiously from the tree line. The shiny giant seed had fallen out of the sky at noonsong on a pillar of fire. They had hidden, scared of the noise and the light. When nothing more happened, they came down from their trees and out from their burrows and watched. Was this a new spirit? There were many many spirits in the forest already and there didn’t seem room for this one. Why would the moon watcher send this? A pop and a hiss came from the seed. It is opening, but not like any seed they recognised. Only a small part moved and first one, then four figures emerged. The figures were tall, nearly twice the height of a bush. There were white with large round heads. There spirits of the forest fled and watched no more, for the demons had returned.

Spell Side Effects:

  • Antlers
  • Inability to perceive perspective.
  • Rhyming couplets
  • Glowing bones
  • Stone digits
  • Flying fish
  • Obsession with a craft
  • Clothing to wood
  • Rubber teeth
  • Great expectations
  • Butter lust
  • Apathy
  • Stuck in place
  • Attract insects
  • Grit in the eyes
  • Suddenly Belgium
  • Wrong pockets
  • Deja Vu
  • Desperate bodily need
  • Vertigo
  • Random intense feelings
  • A blurted truth
  • Oddly angle gravity
  • Personal weather\
  • Longshore drift
  • Sudden irrelevant inspiration
  • Tip of the wassname
  • Enlarged feet
  • Hair growth
  • Bubbles bubbles bubbles
  • Bothersome lights

Image Credit – Lantern by Michael Pollak – CC-BY-2.0