Short Seeds for RPGs – Bubbles, Wolves and Maps

Bubble magic is derided by many mages as being a children’s party trick and suitable only for the most basic of lessons. This is true for the basic forms of the school. These simple spells create magical bubbles that float and move as the caster desires. Whilst they can be used for art or dance, the bubbles pose no threat and have little practical utility. The dozen masters of Bubble magic are content to let the public perceive them as harmless. The truth is that while there are no middle or high order bubble spells, the master forms of the school delve into the power of boundaries and separation. The creation of a bubble is to define a location and determine its contents. This magical foundation can be used to create pockets where the rules of reality can be divided and separated. In the wrong or clumsy hands, such a spell could cause devastation.

Even in the wild, the mask wolves of Sangrdrifa forest can live up to seventy years. Highly intelligent, a mask wolf is a natural spell caster in the school of wood. Their name comes from the ornate spell shaped wooden masks they wear. Position in a pack is displayed by the size and diecoration of the wolf’s mask. They hunt all wildlife that the pack is capable of bringing down. This is nearly all creatures as the killing power of a mask wolf is greatly enhanced by their magics. Mask wolves do not domesticate or serve other sentients. They will rarely enter into a partnership with a non-mask wolf if they developed a bond of friendship.  A pack will not abide the captivity of a member and will react with extreme violence if a cub is threatened.

Arcane cartography, the study and measure of magical geography, attracts a particular type of mage. Whereas their brethren prefer laboratories and libraries an arcane cartographer desires to be outside. The department of arcane cartography at Kird University started when a research group found a map of the city’s mana wells to be woefully out of date. In updating the map, the mages became fascinated by the connections between the type of mana and the landscape around the well. The department expects its students to contribute by mapping new territories and recording any drifts in existing maps. Recently, the departments arcane cartographers have encountered acolytes in grey and red robes at several sites along the east coast. These acolytes carry oversized drawing otools as magical foci and appear to very interested mana sites tied to trees and forests. They ignore all attempts at communication and leave if pestered, disappearing into shadows.

Image Credit – Bubbles by zacktionman – CC-BY-NC-2.0