Short Seeds for RPGs – Cloud Shepards and Space Dragons

Soaring on three meter wingspans, the Nandaunt watch the horizon for clouds. It is the dry season and the Nandaunt cities and farms below are in need of water. Cloud shepards are chosen for their endurance, as to successfully ensnare and bring back a cloud to harvest tcan require a Nandaunt to stay aloft for days. Though clouds can be found inland, the larger wetter ones are out to sea. The risks are great. Nandaunt are graceful in the are and dignified on land but they are appalling swimmers. The sea is thus a place of death and not react to any Nandaunt weary of flying. Once a cloud has been found, the cloud shepherd will fly around it to snare it in a magic threat so it can be towed home. City contracted cloud shepards often work in teams to share supplies  and the towing load. Independent contractors have to make do by themselves.

With their long lives, deep intellect and magical prowess, it was not surprising that the dragons were the first to launch a rocket into space. What shocked the rest of the world was that the first sentient into space was an adult red dragon, named Dalzrim, not a kobold slave. The lower stages of Nithom-3 rocket were enormous so that they could lift the dragon containing upper stage. That the rocket lifts at all is due to the cunning exploits of the draconic engineers. Testing reveal that the fire immunity of a dragon is effective against the heat of reentering the atmosphere. The final stage was simply a pressure suit with a thruster pack. After Dalzrim had performed her experiments, she used the thruster pack to control her descent until the air became thick enough for winged flight. The only moment of alarm was when the thruster pack burnt up early, but Dalzrim expanded her natural magics to maintain control. The dragons now greedily eye the riches of the moons.

No true Mors is without a hearth in their home. The richest build ornate constructs of stone and metal whilst the poorest make do with scavenged bricks. With a hearth an Mors can perform the daily rites and give honour to their ancestor spirits. All fortune comes to those that do give the spirits their due sacrifice of food into the hearth. Calamity is certain for an Mors careless enough that their hearth fire should go out. Those Mors who are bold enough to travel far carry with them a tiny hearth with a fire lit from their home. Such lone adventuring is rare because the risk of losing the flame is so great. So the AAA travel in large conveys with a hearth on wheels at the centre. To tamper wit the a a hearth is the greatest crime and is met with unstrained violence.

Image Credit – Clouds by Edward Stojackovic – CC-BY-2.0