Short Seeds for RPGs – Harpies and Sphinxes

Demon F9-4. Codename – Harpy. Threat Level 16. Unlike many other demons thus catalogued, the F9-4 is not a threat due to its strength and nor is it highly rated because of its excellent flight capability. It is their intellect and leadership skills that cause concern. A physical description is limited to: Horns, white fur and feathers, seven feet tall, red jewellery and armour, claws and talons. No F9-4 has been captured and no corpse has been recovered. Only six known engagements that included a harpy have been reported. All of these were during the last year’s alpha grade incursions. They were seen coordinating the attacks and one was seen leaving an incursion zone carrying a large wooden box. Observe and report. Do not engage, do not reveal presence. Intelligence is considered the higher priority over engagement at the this time.

Though the other craft masters may achieve greater art or function in their work, it is the innovation of the mechanical design bureau Tripdenhorn that has built its reputation. They are the only manufacturer of flight capable armour. The metal ore itself is not rare, but the processing and enchanting is known only to mechanical design bureau Tripdenhorn. The finished armours allow a wearer to flirt like a bat and soar like an eagle. The elite dwarven flying dragoons use the gained mobility to strike across caverns and ambush from above. The tide of the dark war now turns to the dwarves favour but their allies’ eyes turn greedily to other things.

It took a millenia for a mortal to finally beat the sphinx Hyaell at a game of riddles. The strange young woman kept referring to a glowing object in her hand before answering. With the temple she was guarding now opened, Hyaell found herself looking for new employment. She was not prepared for how much the world outside had changed. Where once her temple had be surrounded by nothing but empty meadows there are now bustling villages and busy farms. On the horizon is a city made of gleaming glass. The authorities were wary of her originally, but after she answered some off questions they gave her a farmhouse and a credit card in exchange for not killing people. Bored and lonely now that the temple’s time spells aren’t keeping her paused between intruders, she fill her days reading on the internet.

Image Credit – Sphinx by Franz59 – CC-BY-SA-2.0