Short Seeds for RPGs – The Stars Point the Way

There are 16 tiny dwarf stars in the Benera system, all orbiting the vast blue giant at the system’s centre.That’s why this research station is here; to try to find out such an improbable arrangement occurred. The station barely counts as being in the system as it has to to avoid all the heat and radiation of the system’s interior. Most of the station has been rush built to get it and the instruments ready for the alignment. Once every orbit of the outermost star, Benera Q, all the dwarf stars align and point directly at the galactic core. There’s gossip that the system was actually built by an advanced civilization, hopefully for benign artistic reasons.

After two thousand years of eking out an existing on geothermal power and mushroom paste, the doors to the vault were opened by outsiders. The aliens exoskeleton was covered in fur and the exosuits carried a fanged emblem. They immediately collapsed the entryway, sealing us back in. There is discord amongst the people. The surface is now clearly habitable again but it has been claimed by another starfaring species. Should we restart the ancient war machines and drill up to the surface or stay hidden far beneath in fear of the alien’s advanced technology. A scouting party is being prepared but they must be cautious, lest the xeno decide we are  threat and come for us.

“Ssssh, try not to think too loudly, lest you give yourself away. No, you’re not going mad, those are other people’s thoughts you’re hearing. My little experiment appears to have worked perfectly. So, what will you do now? The authorities will think you mad at best and dangerously interesting at worst. You could keep quiet, maybe use the insight into people’s brains to make yourself rich and powerful.  Or will you become a hero and solve crime! Well, do something. Just sitting there isn’t very interesting. I didn’t elevate you above the rest of your species for you to be boring. Move human and provide me with entertainment lest is decide to experiment on you further.”

Image Credit – Orient Line Guide by The British Library