Short Seeds for RPGs – Hidden Guards and Colourless Druids

Lord Sinaut was deeply upset that his beautiful new palace’s aesthetic was spoilt by the presence of the palace guard. No matter what the shape or colour of their uniforms, they stood out and were unbearably noticeable to Lord Sinaut. Thus he commanded that he, his guests, his family and those of noble birth should even again see a guard inside the palace grounds.  It would have been simple for the guard to fall back to the outer walls and never enter gain. However, Lord Sinaut has many powerful enemies and a defense in depth is needed. So the palace guard became masters of camouflage, disguise and stealth. Many a would be intruder has found themselves caught by what they thought was just a flowering bush or a statue.

The Babish people of Ravelon are born with colour, for such a thing is not native to their world, with all things a being shade of grey. When a Babish reaches the age of 13, they undergo the colouring. With a guidance from the colour sage, they experience an adventure in the dream world. Surreal and unworldly, the adventure reveals to the Babish knowledge about themselves, their future and the colours that will form their pallette. Often a Babish will awake with two or three colours with one of these as their primary trim. Some will only know one colour and are pitied. A few learn many colours and may become a so colour sage. Rarely a Babish will know no colour and they are feared.

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Image Credit – Colours by Danna and Curious Triangles – CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0