Short Seeds for RPGs – A Singer and a Cat Master

The best ink for writing magical scrolls comes from the mines of Wendark. The mine digs a vein of the darkest inkstone in the known world. Once crushed, the rock is fired to melting point. The released ink is caught in reservoirs and then pumped into outside for air cooling. It is theorized that the inkstone was formed during the wars between the gods of writing when the ink blood of the deities was spilt across the ancient rocks. This would account for the low level magical aura of the refined ink and why it enhances language based spells.

It is not poetic metaphor to say that Valerio sings the artwork into being.  Valerio particular mutation has given him exceptional control over the air around them, manifested through his voice. As long as Valerio is singing the winds follows his command. The most striking form of this takes is when Valerio paints. Sat or stood away from the canvas, he sings the paint into the canvas with the mood and melody of the song is reflected in the art work. Valerio prefers to work alone in a private studio but has been coaxed out to perform large scale works for charities.

There’s a new player in the criminal underworld of Alpha Theta City. Criminals all over the conurbation are talking about a criminal they call the Cat Master. The gossip is this; Cat Master is making a wicked profit manufacturing and selling the new drug Delve. Like all start up drug lords, they’ve attracted the attention of the Named Brokers. Except this time, three of the Named Brokers have ended up dead. They say the cops, despite all their tech, have got nothing but some cat hair. Those who’ve dealt the with Cat Master say there is always a half dozen cats with the man and that they seen see the Cat Master talking to them like they were giving orders or taking advice.  There’s even a couple of nutters saying that it’s the cats that are actually in charge.

Image Credit – Cat by Anaa Yoo – CC-BY-ND-2.0