Short Seeds for RPGs – Lighthouses and Matchsticks

Most of interstellar space is empty but for some highly dispersed gas clouds. However the cruise ship Beauty still managed to beat the odds and crash into a rogue dwarf planet while travelling faster than light. The public outcry wasn’t dissuaded by talk of how improbable the accident was and so the stellar navigation bureau was tasked to track and mark all potential hazards. Normally concerned with mapping gravity wells and traffic control, the SNB now had to build lighthouses in space. The first was on object TRT-E56P, the rock that had claimed the Beauty. Keeping these lighthouses is dull and pointless job with competition fierce to avoid service on them.

The Great Dananada has escaped from every prison and dungeon she’s been incarcerated in. Originally imprisoned for banditry and burglary, she is now more famous for being a wanted escaped prisoner than for her original crimes. Her secret is her enchanted tongue piercing. When Donanada is not observed the piercing’s magic allows her to become completely incorporeal. She then simple walks through the walls until she reaches freedom, taking care to stay within the walls to prevent her being seen and ending the spell. That she must be unobserved is why she can be captured and restrained. She could probably have escaped to a far off place and started a new life, but she really enjoys stealing things.

Matchstick men are infantry crafted by the tree folk in the wood war. Being much smaller in number than their city dwelling enemy, the tree folk needed to bulk out their forces if they were to drive the urbanites into the sea. Made from fallen wood that is bound together my magic and reeds, the matchstick men are quite poor at combat. With only a rudimentary magical intelligence, they can just about march in formation and stab forward with spears. They are very vulnerable to fire. Their success lies on their immunity to pain and that they need no logistical support. With the matchstick men proving the army’s bulk, the tree folk are free to pursue more mobile roles as archers and spell slingers.

Image Credit – Macquarie Lighthouse by Steve Dorman – CC-BY-NC-2.0