Short Seeds for RPGs – Magical Dolls and Magical Animals

There are dozens of models of little friends on the market but they are all basically the same set of charms. The small fabric doll is enchanted with a set of wards to protect and locate children. As long as the child has the little friend on their person, mind affecting magics are drawn to the doll instead. The little friend fully experiences the spell but as it’s a doll there’s little it can do beyond make facial expression and wiggle it’s tiny limbs.  The charms eventually wear off with use, so it’s worthwhile getting a service contract when you buy one.  Why the charms don’t work with adults is still being researched.

  • Crabs that live in the always flooded gutters of the rain city of Pelogisia.
  • Frogs that secrete a dark green staining ink.
  • A leech with a screw tooth it uses to burrow into flesh.
  • Monkeys with metre long prehensile tongues.
  • Sharks that have learnt to jump up cliffs and waterfalls.
  • Cricket that increase in noise the closer it is to magical items.
  • A brain parasite that increase the arcane power of the host at the cost of headaches
  • An utterly delicious seas slug
  • A salamander that easrs ore and secretes pure metals
  • Baboons that communicate over long distance using organic lasers.
  • Cows with thick wooly beards

The law can’t regulate your genetic code but it can regulate the act of changing it. Most countries allow medical procedures and some limited cosmetic changes. If you want to get some illegal modifications, you’ll have to a boat out to a gene ship.  These converted tankers and freighters stay out in international waters where the work the do isn’t regulated at all. In exchange for a large sum of currency they’ll splice in any DNA you want.  Anything goes wrong though, and they’ll dump you back ashore rather than waste resources helping you. Talking too much about where you got the modifications will also garner the displeasure of the involved gangs.

Image  Credit – Curly Haired Dolls by Kate Henderson – CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0