Short Seeds for RPGs – The Dead at Work

The town of Herebey solved their labour shortage by putting the dead to work. A decade of war and drought had left the town and surrounding lands badly deploulated. The simply wasn’t enough able bodied people left to work the fields. So the city mayor turned to the necromancer locked away in the castle dungeon. In return for moving her to a more pleasant house arrest, she reanimated the dead to serve as farmhands. In deference to the people’s sensitivities, she was directed to use corpses from the nearby ancient tomb of warriors, rather than the graves of the recently deceased. The surplus food is attracting many immigrants from the across the stricken region and the necromancer finds her skills in demand for the factories.

The Red Skull are an all female pirate band that protect an ancient tapestry. Nothing grows on the tiny island where their castle is built, so they have to survive by raiding.  They forcibly recruit new members from the passengers and crew of the ships they raid.  The tapestry shows a set of runes that if spoken aloud will release a monster of the deep. The pirates maintain and preserve the tapestry as its destruction or removal would also release the monster. Tensions exist amongst the band about the need for violence to gather supplies.

Despite the best efforts of the Galactic Hegemony, humanity has completely failed to make contact with alien life. All the loitering scout ships, targeted transmissions and ancient ruins have been missed or ignored.  Worried that without hegemonic guidance and support the humans might develop support technologies, more direct methods have been authorised.  Existing observation posts on Terra are to be upgraded to infiltration bases and key humans are to be replaced by operatives.  The conspiracy to ensure that the humanity joins the Galactic Hegemony in the appropriate manner has begun.

Image Credit – Garage of Green Furrows by Ian Sane – CC-BY-2.0