Short Seeds for RPGs – Endless War and Endless Icebergs

The isolated nation of Yacrya is surrounded on all side by near impassable mountain and volcano ranges.  The country is broken by a decades long civil war between city states competing to be become the capital city and thus ruler.  However the population of Yacrya grows slowly without immigration, so it is a war without death. No side can afford many casualties from direct combat or the loss of resources from damaged infrastructure. The fighting has been reduced to mass brawls. Through there are clear winners of the battles, the lack of permanent reduction in a sides fighting power has prevented any city from making progress or forcing terms.

A sudden fog makes any sailor cautious but sailors on the Sespia sea have a reason to fearful.  The Vengeberg haunts these waters.  Long ago the snow pirate Garside cruised the Sespia sea with a cruel impunity. She took great pleasure in torture and barbarous acts, giving no quarter even to children. Simonte was but a simple blacksmith travelling to a new land with his family when Garside captured the ship they were aboard.  A passing iceberg inspired Garside and she marooned the passengers on the frozen rock so that she could watch them slowly freeze. Simonte was the last one left and in his anguish he recite an ancient curse of his culture against all who sail.  On his death his vengeful soul merged with the iceberg, creating an eternal and wilful block of ice. Though Garside was its first victim, the curse holds and the Vengeberg attacks all ships it encounters.

Even with a hundred years of warning, the last ships only just escaped in time. A century of preparation, planning and construction had ensured that everyone who wanted to leave Blemhiem was able to escape the planet before the star’s explosive death. The last evacuees now have a decade of travel before their primitive starships will reach on the four world settled by pioneers.  News from these worlds is good. They are alien landscapes but crops and livestock from Blemhiem thrive there. The prospect of rebuilding their nation on world with untouched natural resources encourages many.  They hope that with the death of Blemhiem the judgement cults will no longer be a cause of strife and fear.

Image Credit – Iceberg by Jullen O – CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0