Short Seeds for RPGs – Tidy, Hidden and Nowhere

“Everything in its place and a place for everything.” The phrase strikes fear into the survivors that hear it. For it mean that the invested had emerged from their cubes again. The alien parasites had spread quickly through the population via a contaminated energy drink. The hive mind’s purpose was singular: the imposition of organization for Earth was far too untidy. The infected humans are puppets of the creature inside them that has them relentlessly catalogue and organise. Where there were once cities there are now rows and rows of perfect concrete cubes neatly filled with the sorted remains of human civilization. The uninfested are greeted with rageful violence. Survivors give themselves time to escape by creating noisy chaotic piles of stuff to distract the approaching infested.

The price the forge god Cytho pays for being able to craft any weapon conceivable is that they must honour any request from a fellow deity. Thus they were pulled into the bitter war between the twin goddess of the Moons Jeao and Thas. Finally, both demanded a bow powerful enough to destroy their sister’s moon. Cytho built the bows and one arrow for each but found that they could not deliver them in fear of the damage they would do. Instead, he separated string from bow and flights from arrow. He took the pieces and scattered them across the planet, where the moon goddesses never visit. The moon war descended into an uneasy ceasefire as the followers of both sides search for the weapons.

The juice of the Xyv fruit contains such an unstable mix of isotopes and chemicals that it sends the drinker’s mind into unspace. In unspace there are no dimensions, with things existing at once and at one point. To those untrained in the mental martial art of Not, the experience is nauseating and petrifying.  Why visit unspace at all? The secret Order of Never, who cultivate the Xyv fruit, use it to communicate across space and time. An apprentice of Not can to talk to others in unspace. A master of Not can communicate with their past and future selves. The Order of Never keeps its findings and workings highly secret, so that unspace can be utilized without crowding.

Image Credit – Forge by Andrés Monroy-Hernández – CC-BY-SA