Short Seeds for RPGs – Mega-Venice and Magical Items

Like old magical items, old magic users have to be treated with care. Even the most powerful mage is no match for the march of time and eventually their their health will fail.  It’s a lots easier to look after physically disabled wizards as their lack of mobility means they can’t complete the somatic parts of the spells.  Old wizard’s home therefore tend to keep a careful eye out for any still spellcasters.  Mental illness is a cause for great concern, and not just to the mage’s family or dependants. A mage who’s losing their grasp on reality can rapidly become a danger to themselves and society around them. It’s common for mage’s colleges to have a dedicated set of extraplanar rooms to allow these unfortunates to live with dignity whilst minimising risks others.

The Tango Apple Adventuring Party have got their hands on the Amulet of Shine, almost entirely by accident. Word of this has only just reached the Moonlord, but they will surely begin to hunt the party soon. None of the local towns or forts will off safe haven to the party or take the Amulet of Shine from them, such is the fear inspired by the Moonlord. The only safety the party can find is an long abandoned and ruined keep with an extensive dungeon beneath. Maybe they can repair the traps and find some non-sentient monsters to guard the artifact before fleeing.

Mega Venice – as temperatures cooled and sea levels receded, Venice grew. The arriving refugees from the north found more and more land to build on as the Venetian Lagoon emptied. A century later and the capital of the Venetian Republic has expanded to fill the entire lagoon and twice as much again into the Adriatic Sea. The original city remains but it ever in the shadow of the surrounding hundred storey skyscrapers. The canals, new and old, are kept clean by an extensive filtration network run by an army of sievers and chemists. The air is filled with sky gondolas that flit between the mid-level landing decks of the towers.

Image Credit – Venice by Cliff Hillls – CC-NC-ND