Short Seeds for RPGs – The Sugar God

It’s taken months to organise but finally all the high gods are gathered in one place for the third conclave. The first order of business is the admission of a new minor god to the extended pantheon. Enindar claims dominion over SUgar. No other deity claims this realm, so that hurdle has been cleared by default. The conclave will need to hear from Enindar’s Prophet before determining if being the god of sugar is worthy of recognition in the liturgies. As the next item on the agenda is the excommunication of Niz the god of Satire, expect shenanigans.

The student wizards of North Fall were bored in the summer months when the lake wasn’t frozen.  Seeking entertainment, they cast water walk spells and adapted one of the southern heathen games. Water Ball is played on any body of water deeper than you are tall.  The ball is fixed to the water’s surface.  One team plays on the surface above the water, the other on the surface below the water and the change surfaces every quarter. So far no-one has drowned, but the game gets weird if played with waves.

The silver dragons of the Sky Spike Mountains are a monastic order dedicated to contemplation and philosophy. To pay for their upkeep and maintain the monastery they work as a postal service for the communities around the mountains.  The Sky Spikes are such a tall and steep range of peaks that it can takes months to cross them.  The silver dragons don’t take passengers as they are too small to carry such a large load.  Twice a day a dragon will collect and deliver a few kilos of letters, bringing them to the monastery for sorting and distribution.

Image Credit – Sugar by minjungkim – CC-BY-NC-2.0