Short Seeds for RPGs – Mountain and Dungeon

The entire mountain of Ait is a decoy.  Kagym the dragon became tired of all those heroes and adventurers trying to kill him and take his treasure bedding. Notionally Kagym resides in a cave at the peak of Ait. This cave is several miles of looping tunnels that form a nondescript maze of curves and backstracks. The entrance is glamoured so as to be hidden from those inside the maze. Kagym pays some kobolds to sweep the it clean of corpses once a quarter.  The dragon is actually hibernating underneath derelict log cabin in a nearby wood where the only thing that bothers him is the occasional nesting bird.

The coins of Ulune are small tetrahedrons of bronze and brass.  There were once discs until the war of the three fools. The three challengers were vain and petty princes unable to share or compromise their mother’s legacy.  The lengthy war ended when the peasants rose up in rebellion against all three.  Bitter fighting was replaced by unpleasant negotiation.  The solution was a triple monarchy, with the princes acting as a three member crown council as heads of state for an elected parliament.  To satisfy the royal egos, the tetrahedral coins were minted so that each prince would have a coin face to themselves that was equal to their rivals.

Beneath Castle Granfuss is a dungeon of cunning design.  Lord Riethhook has a unique take on punishment: those found guilty of crimes in his realm are sentenced to attempt to escape the dungeon, armed only with their underwear.  If they can survive the traps and monsters then freedom is theirs.  The deeper floors of the dungeon contain greater dangers for those who’ve committed more heinous crimes. Taking advantage of adventuring skill to repeatedly commit crimes will see a criminal sentenced to increasingly deeper floors.

Image Credit – Mountains by Abdul Rahman – CC-BY-2.0