Short Seeds for RPGs – Judged by a Hammer

The queen is on the run. With her army broken and scattered, she was would and taken off the battlefield by her few remaining loyal retainers.  With airspace above the capital under enemy control, they have flown north deeper into rebel territory.  The rebel prince has placed a high bounty on her head, adding a greedy civilian populace to the soldiers already out hunting.  The queen needs medical treatment before her retainers can even think about getting her onto a ship to safety.

The hammer of judgement is the sacred seal and weapon of the Order of Judgement. Wielded by the order’s founder Sir Herth of Kander, it contains powerful magics to compel speech and honesty.  The order’s knights wield smaller and weaker versions as the travel the land serving as magistrates and marshalls.  All the lesser hammer derive their power from the true hammer. It is enchained in the great courtroom of Hammer Keep.

Path – Hammer Judge – Knowledge [Law], Brawn, Cunning, Keen Senses, Hammer Expertise, Compel Speech (Spell), Compel Truth (Spell), Punish (Spell), Truth Hammer (Equipment)

The wedding of Lady Averyx and Duke Kodyn promises to be the most expensive, expansive and extravagant for a century. The two wealthy nobles are determined to show off their riches with a three day ceremony and exhibition.  Such a display  has attracted many ambitious thieves and conmen. Rumours suggest that there will be more criminals at the wedding than actual guests.  The wedding party are unperturbed by this, apparently so secure in their wealth that they see the entire thing as a game and part of festivities. Any heist at the wedding will have to get past the other thieves before it can worry about the security.

Image Credit – Hammer by Richard Hemmer – CC-BY-NC-2.0