Short Seeds for RPGs – Goats and Bears

A horn that: summons goats, banishes mice, breaks glass, deafens dragons, upsets bears, boils pasta, objects in court, turns wine to curry, stuns sparrows, masks perfume, highlights demons, raises walls, insults goblins, and encourages moles.

Giant bears that have learnt to carry weapons. The magic in the area that causes their great size has also increased their intelligence.  They’ve learned through mimicry how hold and wield weaponry.  They like the extra reach it gives them when hunting. Staves, hammers, and maces are preferred as they can be carried safely in the mouth.

Tiny Adventures Inc offers incredible shrinking adventures to those who can afford it.  Built into their warehouse is a full size three bedroom house.  Tiny Adventures use their patented shrinking ray to miniaturise you and your friends by a factor of 50.  Equipped with climbing gear and parachutes, you get to experience life at 1 centimeter high. Find out what’s actually under the fridge, ride the plumbing, and sneak about under the floorboards.

Image Credit – Bear by Holy Smokes! Pham – CC-BY-NC-2.0