Short Seeds for RPGs – The Cavalry Carousel

All adventurer’s companies need somewhere to start up. Most taverns don’t take kindly to  poor people in cheap armour taking up seats and not buying drinks.  A small monthly fee will get you a desk, access to parchment and post box at the Westward adventuring incubator.  An office block in one the new leafier suburbs of the city, it keeps the adventurers out of the city centre cafes and provides a great place to network and plan raids.

A carousel but rather than prancing ponies on parade, these are warmounts in armour. As well as horses there are camels, spiders, ants, beetles,elephants, hawks, and hounds. As the carousel spins a battle charge is played and the mounts feet stamps the ground faster and faster until the ground around the carousel shakes.  When the song finishes, the carousel slams to a halt.  The children love it but many soldiers say it brings back bad memories.

Across the plains and steppes of slaad, the nomads fear the silent storm.  Whipped by magical thermals, the se dark clouds move quickly across the the sky bringing brutal rains of hail.  Despite the strong winds and tonnage of falling ice, there is no noise.  The blows but does not howl and the hail strikes but does not drum.

Image Credit – The Cavalry Horsemen by lensmatter – CC-BY-2.0