Short Seeds for RPGs – Mice on High

First the crown prince died in battle with nomadic raiders coming across the border.  Before his sister could be named the new successor, she was killed when her entire caravan was swept away by flooding. The old king died along with the council and the duma when a separatist destroyed government house.  This has left the crown in the hands of 14 year old Lyri.  There’s few, if any, nobility left, so she reigns without a regent or a council. Her realm is beset by troubles, within and without, and the people fear that the 300 year existence of their country is about to end in strife.  Lyri’s plans are thus working perfectly.

Curious mice are curious.  Amongst their rodenty activities, they like to stop and watch what’s going on. Ever felt like you’re being watched when in Moorfell city? That’s because the place is overrun with curious mice.  Always watching; gazing with those big golden eyes that seem so deep when you look at them.  It’s a penetrating stare that rarely blinks when it catches and holds your eye.  It would help if the citizens would stop leaving food out for the mice and making sure there was plenty of shelter for them.

The Grand Temple of Vertigios is a tall building that descends for dozens of metres deep into the ground.  The main altar sits atop an exposed spiral staircase.  Everywhere you look there are dizzying heights and terrifying drops. The buildings lines and structure gently curve so that no surface is quite at the angle you expect.  The sky god accepts as sacrifice all those who fall.

Image Credit – Baby Mouse by Nick Harris – CC-BY-ND-2.0