Short Seeds for RPGs – Stellar Problems

The collaboration between the departements of time, space and cartography produced the historisats.  Each satellite was a simple planetary observing payload attached to a time drive.  They were programmed to go back in time in 1000 year blocks and survey the planet.  So far the project has produced incredible data that is building a new understanding of our planet’s history.  But historisat 4 experienced a programming fault and instead jumped 1000 years into the future.  It’s back, but it’s sending out some very strange signals…

The planet Anasic was surveyed as an ideal location for colonization but was bought by the entertainment trillionaire Lorenzi to become an amusement park.  An avid wannabe hunter, Lorenzi sought to get around the laws that prevented hunting in the known systems.  As Anasic has no life more complex than single celled organisms, Lorenzi had free reign to introduce new species.  So they set up a gene and cloning lab to populate the planet with short lived monsters to hunt.  Unsurprisingly, it all went horribly wrong. Now Anasic is abandoned, overrun by millions of dangerous animals that are randomly generated by the automated machinery.  Sounds like the perfect place to hide something from scrutiny.  The only orbiting presence is a bio-science station monitoring the planet below.

The most glorious regime of Orav wanted a new vanguard for the military designs on nearby systems.  Their most loyal scientists set to work creating regiment of bio-engineered super soldiers.  From samples of the best of Orav’s army, the created the ideal specimens for replication. As these fast matured, they were indoctrinated with the ideals and principles of the regime.  Experimental gene mods were used to grant them physical perfection and they were trained with the most advanced weaponry.  Those involved mistakenly assumed that the 1st Solar Supremes would be loyal to the regime.  Instead, their creations found the regime to wanting, a government and people that did not live up to it’s own propaganda.  Civil war now rages across Orav space as the solar supremes fight to take over.

Image Credit – Star by Julian Peter – CC-BY-NC-2.0