Short Seeds for RPGs – Buckets and Scarfs

A race of sentient buckets, created by a wizard that needed to bail water out of the foundations of his tower.  Not knowing anything about pumps or screws, he enchanted a large numbers of buckets and compelled them to endlessly collect and dump water. To ensure no loss in numbers, he gave them the ability to create new buckets to maintain their number and to repair themselves. These wooden creatures can each contain 1 gallon of water, though their little legs move slowly under the heavy load. They have two legs sticking out beneath bottom and a pair of small arms instead of a handle. No one knows how they sense anything but they seem to. They communicate by banging their hands on their bellies. A party of heroes found still doing bailing the tower’s ruins and brought into town.  They were sold into work for a tidy profit.

A tear stained scarf, belonging to the arch wizard Ririoshi. After his beloved was killed in an accident of his own making, Ririoshi was overcome with grief.  The scarf was a gift from his lover, that he refused to part with.  The tears have magically imbued the scarf so that it gives a large boost to the wearer’s own abilities.  The price is a penalty to feeling any sense of happiness.

  • A demon obsessed with lemons
  • A bag that contains a box filled with minor irritations
  • Tens of thousands of small bitey mice
  • The palm fish tree, that grows upside down into lake
  • A wishing ring that only grants wishes about changing past mistakes

    Image Credit – Deer Isle by Diana Robinson – CC-BY-Nc-ND-2.0