Short Seeds for RPGs – Three Shields

The Shield Legion are a troop of elite soldiers that forgo weapons in favour of a tower shield as tall and as wide as themselves.  They operate as a separate formation to be deployed into crunch points on the battlefield.  With their charging and stopping power they can either plug holes in defences or punch through weak points in the enemy’s line. Members must be disciplined to keep the shield wall intact and physically strong to carry the heavy two handed metal shield.

6d6 Path – Shield Legionnaire – Brawn, Discipline, Shield Expertise, Legion’s Shield [Equipment], Protect Ally, Shield Bash [Explode 6s], Hold Fast [Free, if 2nd or more attack suffered that round], Courage, Battlefield [Environment]

The Shield Surfers are a mobile marine unit that use short surf boards to take beachheads.  Said surfboards then become a light shield. Surfing gives them a fast and silent approach ideal for night raids.  Shield surfers use short knives as longer weapons would inhibit their swimming.  They prefer to use the tactics of mobility and surprise as they lack the armour for a lengthy fight.  Despite their courage, the unit is not suited for holding territory unsupported.

6d6 Path – Shield Surfer – Man Dex, Swimming, Surf [Movement], Surf Shield [Equipment], Balance, Dodge, Stealth, Cunning, Water [Environment]

The Shield Crashers are shock troops who are experts at getting around magical defences. They portal in at high altitude, well above the range of any protection from portals spells.  Plummeting to the ground, their shields negate the impact provided they’re stood on correctly.  All the energy of the fall is converted into a shock wave of air that blasts out from where the Crasher lands. Only a particular mentality of soldier can cope with the stress of deliberately falling for thousands of feet with no way of slowing down.

6d6 Path – Shield Crashers – Reckless, Plummet Shield [Opportunity, Equipment, Blast], Balance, Martyr, Speed, Noisemaker, Sprint, Battle Cry, Shield Expertise

Image Credit – Shield by Autumnal Hedge – CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0