Short Seeds for RPGs – Oil and Misery

The oils from the wells of Xarax are noted for how greasy they are.  The Fastsaf Space Guild maintain their pre-eminent position as interstellar couriers thanks to their exclusive rights to these oils.  They use it to lubricate the biomechanical palindrome machines that compute their FTL courses.  Only the slipperiest can find the fastest routes.

Turns out that the ancient magical power source that was separated and scattered by the old ones is a processed uranium core.  Putting the pieces back together doesn’t give you unending power, that’s a mistranslation.  Instead, it just goes critical.

A gripped grumbler is a small mouse sized creature that feeds on unhappiness.  It climbs onto clothing and hides itself where it can be heard.  They in gripes, grumbles and groans misery into the host, poisoning their psyche. It feeds until it becomes too fat to hold on. For the unluckiest hosts it will fall off in a bed, where it will then nest and feed on the bed’s occupants whilst they sleep.

Image Credit – Oil Wells in CA by Dave3006 – CC-By-ND-2.0