Short Seeds for RPGs – Lore Lords and Robber Barons

The robber barons are a band of noble knights that have secretly rejected the concept of property.  Bored with their affluent lives, the now amuse themselves by attempting, in person, to steal the goods of their fellow robber barons.  They meet each winter solstice to compare score.  Last year’s winner was the Duke of Taunton who successfully stole three ships of the line belonging to Lord Brighton.

The Lore Lords are a group of learned bards that are the highest seat of trivia appeal.  Should there be controversy or conflict on a point of lore, the Lore Lords will research and give judgement.  The rulings are of limited use as the Lore Lords often choose or make up a new story that is better drama rather than actually correct.  Not helpful if their definition of orthodoxy means you’ve brought the wrong herb to ward of wights.

The night knights are a civiarlic order cursed by a wizard queen for failing to safeguard her treasury.  Partially banished to the plane of shadow, they are twilight creatures forced to forever stand watch over a ruined keep.

Image Credit – Keniworth Castle by barnyz – CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0

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