Printing Characters, Monsters, Path etc

Recently there has been fault on the wiki stopping the Screenshot option working (thanks to +Brian Isikoff for letting us know).

Not only has this been fixed but it has been improved!

The quality and the layout is new much better. For monsters, paths etc, the format is now better suited for printing in portrait mode. For characters it uses a more landscape friendly format.

I have also fixed some problems with the formatting when you print a web page from the wiki using the browser’s print option (Ctrl+P). It now (as it used to before something broke) hides all the sidebars, page headers etc so you only get the content – monster, character or whatever.

Because of these improvements I’ve dropped the old wiki-based Print button which created a PDF of the current page. This was such low quality as to be pointless with the improved Screenshot and browser Print options.

TL;DR To print a monster, path etc from the 6d6 Wiki use either the browser’s Print option or the wiki’s Screenshot option which creates a image file you can print, save or share.

Fungus Artillery on the 6d6 RPG Wiki.