Kallixeina, Agent of Tethys

A nymph both beautiful and terrible to behold, her appearance mirrors her role as the spirit of the River Pleistos in Boeotia.  Her skin is partly translucent with a bluish tint and her hands and feet are webbed. Her sacred grotto is at the source of the river in the shadow of Mount Parnassos from where she has looked after the river since before the time of humanity.  Those who dwell along and depend on the water of the River Pleistos used to make a pilgrimage to the grotto to give offerings of thanks.  In the last few weeks the nymph has been attacking both pilgrims and any travellers that approach her grotto. Worse, the river has dried to a small trickle as Kallixeina has declared herself in open defiance of Poseidon.

Character Sheet