Dida, Agent of Coeus

With the upcoming release of the print edition of Age of Legends and the Kickstarter fulfilment, over the next two weeks we’ll be releasing twelve Agents of the Titans for you to pit against your heroes.  Each has a full character sheet and are designed to be able to stand up against several Olympic champions.  For a more detailed write up and character build of an Age of Legends villain, please see these posts (1, 2, 3 & 4) from last year.

Dida, Agent of Coeus

Two metres of sinew and brawn, this woman from the North is clad in thick furs to protect her from the cold.  At her back is an iron sword of uncommon length and breadth.  She has come south from the frozen forests looking for challenges worthy of her wit and her weapon.  Though a highly capable warrior, she prefers to match her intellect against any opponents before fighting, as she finds it difficult to engage corpses in conversation.  In combat she attacks cautiously, conversing her potential for the best opportunity to do maximum damage.  She is travelling across northern Greece dispensing wisdom and advising people to trust in her patron Coeus.

Character Sheet


Image Credit – 1st Prize by Søren Niedziella – CC-BY-2.0