6d6 and the Giant Fighting Robot

Equipment in 6d6 2nd Edition is handled very directly.  If it’s an orange equipment advantage you’ve spent character points on it that represent your character’s skill with said equipment.  If it’s a pink mundane advantage, then it’s a nothing special and generally replaceable.  Both cases let you spend a little bit more potential in pursuit of more dice for skill checks.

This works fine for simple things like guns, swords, scanners, comms devices and fruit.  Reducing something as mechanically complex and dramatically important as a Giant Fighting Robot to a single advantage is excessively reductive.  So let’s do something about that.

Robot Character Creation

robto by Paul de GregorioWe start by making our Giant Fighting Robot a separate entity from its pilot.  The pilot is the player character and has all the usual character sheet and potential of any other 6d6 character.  The Giant Fighting Robot has its own distinct character sheet made up of a dedicated set of Giant Fighting Robot paths.  These paths come in two flavours.  The first flavour are body paths.  These are paths like Light, Heavy, Flying, Quadrupedal and Tracked.  They give you information and advantages related to the fundamental shape of the Giant Fighting Robot.  You’ll get advantages like Low Profile, Wings and All Terrain from these.

The other flavour of paths is all the equipment and weaponry a Giant Fighting Robot need for adventure and violence.  There will be paths specific to weapon types – Laser, Missiles, Cannons, Gauss and Elementals.  Each of these will have weaknesses and strengths.  Lasers for example give you advantages that are good against incoming missiles but only do very precise damage.  Elemental weapons let you unleash lightning and flame but only at close range.  Gauss guns have range and destructive power but take time to charge.  Other paths will be mostly additional equipment to help Giant Fighting Robots fill role.  Scouts will have camouflage and sensor suites; Cavalry get advantages that boost speed and stamina whilst the Rescue path will include Grappling Hooks and Climbing Gear.

Game Mechanics

robotSo now you’ve built your shiny new Giant Fighting Robot, with fresh showroom smell, how do you use it?  Combat between Giant Fighting Robots works as per the normal 6d6 2nd Edition rules, but with a couple of small changes.  Firstly, all potential belongs to the pilot, as they are the character.  The Giant Fighting Robot is just a very complicated piece of equipment so it doesn’t have or generate potential.  The pilot uses the Giant Fighting Robots advantages by spending potential on them, in combination with their own advantages.  In example, Captain Janine is targeting an enemy tank.  She uses her own Manual Dexterity and Sniper Expertise advantage with the Giant Fighting Robots Gauss Gun and Targeting Sensors to create a 4d6 action.

The second change is about damage. When Giant Fighting Robots are in combat, they take all the damage.  The pilot is only at risk once their Giant Fighting Robot is disabled.  The difference in the scale of combat between a normal human and a Giant Fighting Robot is large and significant.  Human characters, no matter their CP, are treated as mooks if attacked by a Giant Fighting Robot.

Worked Example

Captain Janine has had a big pay off the back of that last guard duty contract with a nice bonus for taking out that tank.  It’s time she returned that old Giant Fighting Robot back to her uncle and get herself her own.  Preferring to do damage from hiding and from afar, Janine is going with Small, Cannons and Covert.  From Small her Giant Fighting Robot gets Nimble, Lightweight, Speed and Climb. Cannons gives Blast, HEAR, Range Expertise and Targeting.  Active Camo, Passive Sensors, Run Silent and Precision Posture are taken from Covert.  She spends the rest of the character points on adding +2s to Speed and Targeting and a few +1s on other advantages. Naming the robot Stampy, Captain Janine is now ready to take on much more dangerous contracts.

Expect to see 6d6 Giant Fighting Robots in the autumn.

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