200 Word RPG Contest – Day 4

David Schirduan’s contest is entering full swing now.  The challenge is to write an RPG or an RPG supplement in only 200 words.  6d6’s is providing the winners with a copy of out latest game, Age of Legends, so we feel vaguely justified in picking out some of the publicly shared games that we’ve liked so far.   These have all be found in the G+ Community.  We’re looking forward to seeing all the entries as they publicly appear.

Demon Hamster Necromancers of the Abyss

by Daniel Charlton

You’re a Hamster infused with demonic necromantic energy. But you’re also special in some way. Introduce yourself and explain what makes you different to your regular demonic Hamster necromancer. Because you’re special, you roll d10s.

I’m a Demonic Hamster Necromancer that can hide in the shadows called Goldilocks

Any dead bodies you accidentally stumble upon can be made into minions. They’re not special so roll d6s.

A Mob is a group of players and their minions. Such a pretty name.

When facing foes. Make big aggressive noises;

Is the Creature or group of creatures
– Bigger than your Mob? They roll d12s
– Roughly the same as your Mob? They roll d10s
– Smaller than your Mob? They roll d6s

Players take turns describing the mass furry blood orgy of death they and their minions are making. Then roll a dice for each Mob member against the enemies dice pool. Any dice roll of 6+ is counted as a success.

Each success more than the enemy kills them and you gain a new minion. Each success less than the enemy kills one of your minions or yourself. You’re not that special that you can’t die Mr Squeekums.

Miss the Start, Miss the End

by Arthur Boff

A musical snapshot of crises we will not see the beginning or end of.

Collectively, select an album. Decide on fictional genre suitable to music; propose adventure PCs are in middle of.

Individually provide PC concepts. Derive character names from track titles, lyrics, liner notes..

Calibrate random.org to obtain results from 1 to X, where X = number of tracks on album.

Everyone roll; lowest goes first.

Start playing album.

Begin in medias res; first player describes a crisis situation appropriate to the song currently playing.

Person to their left declares what their character tries to do to resolve the situation, after any appropriate roleplaying.

Roll >= current track number: describe how the situation resolves, present new situation appropriate to track, play passes to left.

Roll < current track number: describe how the situation intensifies, play passes to left.

If you use lyrics from presently-playing song to describe your PC’s action, choose whether situation resolves or intensifies (no roll).

When the album ends, game finishes with plot unresolved; window on characters’ world has closed. To play longer, pick album in same musical genre, adjust randomiser, and keep going. For a shorter game, play only one side of an LP or cassette.


by Wendy Gorman

This is a game for two. One Dragon, and one Dragonslayer.

Face each other. Reach out with one hand, and grasp your opponent’s wrist firmly. Look deeply into their eyes. Maintain eye contact.

Speak. Tell each other how you fight. Explain your actions. Seek to do each other harm. Narrate your glorious battle, increasing the valor of your fight and the severity of your opponents wounds. Do not let go. Do not look away.

Your actions are only those of the most honorable and chivalrous nature. Your every move and thought is imbued with respect for your opponent, and appreciation for their skill. Let your esteem color your words. Let your regard guide your tone. Do not let go. Do not look away.

When your battle reaches its zenith, speak of how you each find death. Tell your opponent what magnificent act finally fells you. Describe how you hold each other as you leave this plane. As your breath leaves your body, squeeze your opponents wrist. Let go. Look away.

Image Credit – The Puppet Maker by Jose Maria Cuellar – CC-BY-NC-2.0