Be Mundane and Have Love In Your Heart

About 300 miles south of me, 120 or more families in Paris are mourning their dead. Across Europe, refugees fleeing violence wake up in tents or in bushes or bus shelters to another day of walking. In Syria, Libya, Iraq and Yemen, people live in ruins, hiding from men killing in the name of their god.

It is mornings like this which makes us question the purpose of our lives. Can it be proper for me to sit in a warm house, going about my day to day business when so much hate and suffering is happening? Shouldn’t we all be raising money for the victims and attending political rallies demanding action from our government?

But we can’t. We have our own lives. They may be blessed lives in a peaceful country with a clean water supply but they are our lives with their own children to raise and bills to pay. Most of us cannot abandon our long-term responsibilities and if we could, we lack the skills or health or money needed to to do something.

We are left feeling guilty for our inaction. We are left feeling helpless in the face of the global politics and history which led us to this place.

These emotions are caused by a tiny number of people doing terrible things yet it us, the non-victims who are left feeling guilt. That guilt is part of their plan, part of their way of undermining the freedoms and prosperity we enjoy.

Don’t let them.

Go about your normal business without guilt. Shop for food, enjoy a luxurious bath, watch a funny film and laugh. Do whatever you would normally do and do it without guilt, without remorse. Living our mundane, free, peaceful lives is the greatest weapon in our arsenal.

But change one thing. Find a way to help someone today. Take 30 seconds to make someone else’s life better or easier or more fun. Eight people in Paris have destroyed 120 lives. We cannot repair that damage but millions of tiny acts can address the balance.

Fight terror. Live your mundane life. Have love in your heart.


Today, like everyday until 5th December, I need to promote my Kickstarter. This is mundanity for me, I enjoy doing it and I will not let some shitbag with an AK-47 diminish my life.

Fuck you terrorists. Fuck you hatemongers.

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