Grouping For Look

Now that InterCONtinental has worked its multiple time zone magic, it’s time for what’s next.  We’ve a couple of proposals on what that will be.

First up, we want to run regular game.  This would involve finding a group of players, picking a 6d6 setting and then playing the game on a weekly or fortnightly basis.  Essentially a campaign, but broadcast onto Youtube via Google Hangouts.  With the Kickstarter for 6d6 Hellenic coming up, a game of greeks would be my first choice.  Our goal is to demonstrate just how well 6d6 can work as a campaign and to have fun with developing player generated characters over many weeks.

The one off games aren’t going away though.  Instead we want to run what we’ve tentatively called exhibition games.  What we want to do is engage with and support more other people in the community.  Do you have a blog, some artwork or a thing you want to draw attention to?  Come play 6d6 with us and get access to our audience in exchange for us coming to the attention of yours.  We’re more than happy to come play your game as well

We’re excited about these ideas and really want to get feedback on interest.

Image Credit – Woman with Binoculars – Boston Public Library CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


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