Later this month 6d6 will be hosting three games via Google Hangouts.  Hosted by veteran 6d6 story leaders, this is a great chance to play some 6d6.  All three games are standalone adventures ideal for both those curious about the 6d6 system and for those who want to play more of it.

Our three schedule games are of a wide variety of flavours.  Our first game is Owl and the Stable Mare, a gothic fantasy from Patrick King, the writer for 6d6 Lovecraft.  This will be a game high on intrigue with complex character motives.  Brian Isikoff will be running one of our published adventures, a hit from the convention circuit.  Savage Island takes a group of magical fantasy characters and strands them on a deserted island.  This is a sandbox game, with several ways for the characters to make their escape.  Lastly, Jaye Foster will be running a game about Giant Chickens.  Whilst this B-movie horror story is deadly serious for the characters, it is very much intended to be played with humour.

To make it even easier to find a game that suits you, the event is spread across the globe, with games running from 9am EST to 2am EST the next day.  You can find the events at the 6d6 RPG community page on G+ [LINK!], where we’ll be posting the events and updates.

Finally, I’ve hit a bit of writer’s block in terms of new content for the 6d6 blog.  I’ve a buffer which will last me quite a few weeks, but to give me more time, the blog will now be updated once a week, on a Wednesday.  If you have any suggestions of content you’d like to see, ideas are welcome.


    1. Not immediately. Following 6d6 on twitter, G+ or facebook will keep you up to date on what games might run. Additionally, we are looking for players who are looking for a GM. We’d be happy to run a game if you can gather some players. Contact 6d6 on G+, twitter or Facebook for more info.

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