LUG-Con and Contests

Let Us Game Convention ( is dedicated to gaming all day and all night for a week. As one of the warm up games, 6d6 ran one of our 6d6 Hellenic adventures. You can find out how it went here:

It’s not that often I GM, in fact very rare, with only one player. I enjoyed being able to really concentrate on that person’s experience. I’m also pleased with how well the adventure scaled to only one hero. Many thanks to Chad for playing. 6d6 will be particpating in LUG-con itself in June, so look out for us there, even if we’re just playing.

David Schirduans is running a very interesting contest here: CONTEST. He’s got several fabulous prizes available, with it more likely to come. The contest is to write a complete RPG in just 200 words. I’ve submitted my hack of 6d6 2nd Edition, with the setting being the last survivors of a dying universe gambling with the only thing they have left – their stories. Apart from keeping it under the word count, you really have to think carefully about the system, as you’ve so few words to explain with. Looking over some of the other entries, a very good idea if you have a setting you want to convey, to let it influence how you explain the mechanic. This’ll let you get over that little bit more impression and colour.

Deadline is Midnight May 1st. Get writing, get editing, get submitting.