Let Us Game with 6d6 Hellenic

Let Us Game is an online convention running September 1st to 7th this year.  As part of the warm-up and lead in to the convention, Tre’ Grisby has schedule monthly warm up games, one of which will be a 6d6 Hellenic game on the 25/26th of April.  Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we’ll be playing across 13 timezones.

The event is here: LINK! The game starts 8am HKT (7pm Eastern US)

We’ll be running one of our successful scenarios for 6d6 Hellenic: Clothes of Gold.  Our Greek heroes find themselves shipwrecked upon an unknown Aegean island with no other land in sight.  This game is a great opportunity for those curious about 6d6 or the 6d6 Hellenic setting to learn more about both.  For 6d6, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get more feedback on the game, which will hopefully be moving to crowdfunding soon.

We look forward to gaming with you.

Image Credit – Shipwreck by Rhino Neal – CC BY-NC-ND 2.0