RPG Artist Required (Along With A Video Editor)

6d6 are planning a Kickstarter for their new book, 6d6 Hellenic: The New Age of Legends. We require artwork for the book and to make a great sales video for the Kickstarter. Our aim is to combine these requirements by using the book’s artwork in the Kickstarter video. Using techniques such as the Ken Burns effect and parallax, along with a professional voice-over artist, we aim to bring the artwork to life in the video.

We require an artist and a video editor to work on this project. We believe people should be paid for their work and will pay appropriate rates. However, 6d6 is a typically cash strapped, part-time RPG business so our budget is small and we wish some of the payment to be linked to the success of the Kickstarter.

For both roles we need you to have:
  • The ability to work closely with 6d6 via G+ Hangouts or Skype video conferences. There will be regular video calls during the project.
  • Availability – We wish to start work on the project as quickly as possible.
  • Enthusiasm for the project.
  • An active presence on social media so you can share and promote the 6d6 Hellenic Kickstarter with your audience.

What you won’t need:

  • Professional experience. We don’t care what your background is. All that matters is that you can do the work well and deliver the results on time.
  • To be a specific gender or race. We are an equal opportunities employer and encourage applications from those under-represented in the RPG publishing industry.

For the artist we need:

  • Strong Adobe Illustrator skills

For the video-editor:

  • Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premier Pro skills

For both positions we wish to see a portfolio or examples of your recent work.

Our needs are very specific and its vital applicants read and understand the full briefing. Download The Briefing [PDF]

If you are interested in either role, please email Chris@6d6Fireball.com with examples of your work.

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  1. Hello. i’m a digital artist who is extremely interested in storytelling. i’ve just finished a small digital book as a personal project and feel your project would be perfect for the kind of work i wish to progress in. Please take a look at the animation i made to add feeling my book and from that consider the effects i could add to your promotional film. Theres also a link there to the small digital book i created.
    I feel this could be a really exciting opportunity and hope to hear form you soon.

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