A Google Powered Character Sheet

We have a powerful new tool for you, the 6d6 faithful.  Thanks to the sterling work of Rainer G, we now have a Google Drive Character Spreadsheet!

First the bit you really want, the link: SPREADSHEET!

The sheet currently covers our released material – 6d6 Modern, Demon Strata and the 100 Monster Bestiary.  All the paths and advantages from these products are available to you to create your 6d6 characters.  But this isn’t just a character creator.  With this sheet you can actually play 6d6. As you select advantages, the sheet will track your potential and tell you what your total dice pool is.  The sheet supports loss of life advantages, potential damage and status effects, as well as allowing you to fully customize the organization of your character sheet.  As an added bonus, the sheet supports multiple users at once.  This means all the characters of your campaign can be kept in one tidy location that everyone can see, ideal for online play.

We’ve a video showing you how to use the sheet. In it I go through the core parts of the spreadsheet, showing you how to use each in turn. In the spreadsheet you’ll find links to a guide to the sheet and a forum for asking questions.  If you do have questions, please also feel free to comment on any 6d6 web presence.



  1. It would be REALLY nice to publish this is as open ODS format (LibreOffice Calc). Not everybody has a commercial MS Excel license and the XLSX doesn’t work in LibreOffice Calc (which is free open source).

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