Naming Conventions

This March, 6d6 are organising a short RPG convention spanning the globe and timezones. We have three games lined up: Brian Isikoff (of 2d6feet) is running Savage Island for the USA in the afternoon; Jaye Foster is running Giant Chickens for the USA late evening / Asian morning and a third UK & Europe game to be confirmed.

We’re nearly all set to go, bar one important detail.  The event needs a name.  Here are a few of the ones we’ve shortlisted so far.

  1. Advantage Con
  2. 6d6 Jetlag Con
  3. Jetlag Con
  4. 6d6 Intercontinental
  5. InterCONtinental
  6. The March 6d6 Cross Timezone Gaming Caper
  7. Gaming Across Continents


Please comment on these, pick favourites and suggest new ones.  We’re mostly looking at riffing around the three different timezones we’re going to be playing across.

Image Credit : Curioso elemento el tiempo by Leoplus (CC BY-SA 2.0)


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  1. InterCONtinetial -I lime ktit!
    Gaminm CrossContient ~ a good idea. that way the initials are GCC.

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