Not Reading the Signs – a 6d6 Magic Campaign Report

Brian’s party of adventurers aren’t the most thoughtful group.  Brian’s also provided us with a lovely photo of his game table, poker chips for potential at the ready.


Session 8 complete; session 9 booked. Party’s still in the dungeon below the swamp. After a vicious little fight with a Harpy Brood Queen, the group debated the value of retreating via harpy’s lair or delving on …which got into the ethics of flooding the dungeon (and charmed villagers being lost) vs. trying to save some lives.

Additionally, there was this gem: “Player: So, it’s kind of strange … harpy, being a bird and all, working with snakes and snake goddesses. It seems like they would be natural enemies – not working together in a dungeon.” Me: You make an excellent point. Do you recall the big charcoal X on the door to this area … that you checked out for a while.”  Player: “Yes.” Me: “Did you wonder at all who put it there?” Player: “Oh.”

Are you playing 6d6?  If you are then we’d love to hear from you and if you can write us some play reports, we’d be interested in featuring them on this blog.