Introducing 6d6 Supers

Friday evening’s 6d6 Thinktank was the soft launch of the new setting for the 6d6 RPG. In 6d6 Supers, the players immerse themselves in a world of comic book heroes and villains.

As with 6d6 Modern, 6d6 Supers will be a toolkit of paths for you to create your superheroes. It will be full of origins and super-abilities allowing you to create unique superheroes. The setting will be completed with a set of archetypes for quick character creation.

We had such fun writing the 100 Monster Bestiary as a team project that’ll we’ll doing it again. Open to the public from the beginning, you’ll get to watch us almost live as we populate the setting. You can do more than merely observe though, you can contribute! Now, this isn’t us being lazy and getting the audience to do the writing for us, this is us making sure we produce a setting that lets you play the game you want to play. Whether it’s dark age brooding anti-heroes or golden age paragons in brightly coloured spandex, we aim to enable.

There will be regular posts on this blog as we group major updates and explain our reasoning behind them. You can get involved by answering this call – what superpowers and origin stories do you see as essential? As you can see from the Thinktank we’ve already made a start on this ourselves, but the more feedback and ideas we can gather the better.

What to get even more involved? Then join us in the writing. If you’re already a proud owner of a 6d6 product you already have to access to the wiki. Creating content for this project is an excellent way to introduce yourself to the 6d6 system and to writing for RPGs in general. Full support from the rest of the 6d6 team will be only a few clicks away should you need it.

We’re all looking forward to seeing what this new setting will bring for 6d6. We’d like you to come along for the ride.


Image Credit – Super Hero by Amanda Tipton (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)