Being Six Different Artists at Once

This Monday’s guest post is by EmilyAlys King, the artist for 6d6 Lovecraft.  Featured image credits to her and all rights reserved.


Emily here from the 6d6 Lovecraft team. My role on the project is as illustrator and moral support for the project’s writer Patrick King. Over the past few years I’ve been working on over a 100 illustrations for 6d6 lovecraft coming out later this year, as well as helping with other 6d6 development and promotion.

In my work I like a lot of variation ranging from rough pencil sketches and ink work to full digital art. Thus to show this in the project I took on the personas of 6 different artists, keeping each one to a unique art style bad giving them all names and backgrounds for flavour. As an artist this has been a challenge but also a blessing, as it meant I wasn’t feeling drained by performing in the same style day after day.

For 6d6 Lovecraft we are presenting several of Lovecraft’s most popular works, which I have fully illustrated (69 total works). These are now complete and I’m now editing pieces and concentrating on art for the main rule book and covers.

This week’s aim is to produce false portraits of the “6 artists” for the end of book which should be fun, and checking though the old work – a frightening prospect for any artist coming face to face to art from several years ago!

The project is on full stream at the moment and hopefully will have some new work to post soon.