Ogres in the Grey Realms – a Guest Post

In the 7th session of his 6d6 Magic game, Brian experiences the effects of players going all out on a monster.


Wrapped up the seventh session in my current 6d6 fantasy game, “The Gray Realms”, earlier today. The meat of the session was the overland journey from the village of Orlane (at the edge of Mandelton) to the temple-dungeon of the Snake God to the east.

Orlane (and indeed, all of the Barony of Mandelton) is within the small hex to the lower left in the attached map (marked with a black village icon). The dungeon site is marked in the upper right with the grate icon in the swamp. Each larger hex is 25 miles; each smaller hex is 5 miles.  GM / Game Leader’s map attached, and a rough draft at that; complete map is still a bit off.

Along the way, the heroes dealt with a group of troglodytes (leader and four books) in an abandoned barn, an ogre (solo – but stats of a family head), a large war party of trogs (and avoided them), a flock of blood birds, and finally some cultist guardsmen on arrival into the swampy dungeon.

The group was three PCs (Corvell, Occulas, and Fletcher); the two players ran all three (Tracy manages Fletcher, and I add some additional roleplay color).

The toughest encounter was definitely the ogre. It was a nighttime random encounter, and I didn’t feel it should be a mook, or something more remote (ogre tracks, signs of one nearby, etc.). Perhaps I’m out for blood.

It was, though, a lot of fun to play the ogre. Big one too, and came with a voice out of the darkness and simply demanded a toll of one of their number. They refused, and decided to hit it hard – all three of them each took a turn, and did between the three of them a really good amount of damage. Occulas especially did a nice martial arts extended maneuver (that earned a d6 situational bonus from me) that did some impressive damage. And then it was his turn …

“Hmmmm … ” he managed in a rough voice, “Not tonight then … not tonight.” He laughed roughly and withdrew, rumbling a warning about next time. The party didn’t relax for the rest of the evening, and got along wearily at dawn.

The party arrived at the dungeon site, and began their exploration. After they hit the first room, it seemed like the Players might be a little tired (folks still on the mend), so we wrapped it up after a solid 3 hours – and before they made some bad, tired-brain decisions.

I also got to enjoy some more compliments from the Players – both of them are really enjoying the game. They both indicated it’s been their favorite campaign and rules system  They both love their characters (which are the 6d6 pregens).

Lastly, the latest Player created Advantage (for Occulas):

Wind Moves Tree – Chi, Potential – Martial arts move which stuns, causing the target of a successful attack to lose potential.