A Blarg Too Far Makes for a 6d6 Magic Playtest Post

Brian Isikoff”s party of three are continuing to make their way though the Gray Realms.  It seems one of his players wants a very nice staff…


Heh. Gary, playing Corvell the Fire Elementalist, pushed it a little far today (our 6th play session in the campaign). He’s been working the idea for his Fire Wizard’s staff. Last session, it was the oak tree – being of the order. Staff’s going to enhance his magic. No problem. Today, I’m informed the staff – which still isn’t ready (the player’s telling me all of this) will also be able to grow leaves which can provide Corvell sustenance if needed. Ok. And can be used for healing. And it’s an ironwood staff, not oak.

His wife looks at him and says, “What the hell?”

It was definitely a funny moment. So, I laid down some law, talked about prior session’s oak tree moments, and went from there. We discussed how it was more or less up to him, but some focus was going to be required – magic notwithstanding. It’s been a classic, high fantasy style campaign – we’ve been fast and loose on somethings to be sure.

Oh, and the latest Player contributed Advantages (short-hand at the moment – forgive me):

# Chi Healing – Chi, Recovery – Recovery of a characters life advantages though the use of their Chi.

# Corvell’s Fire Blades – Magic, Double (+ Sword) – The swords you’re holding burst when flame when they strike.

I may have the notation on that last one off, but essentially it’s a spell that turns Corvell’s sword (and/or dagger) into a flaming blade shtick. It provides (at a minimum) the dice value for the spell and that of the sword of the wielder, the latter of which is doubled. No sword, no spell. Corvell only has a mundane sword (1d6)

Lastly, I think any time you have players coming to you with long term ideas for cool stuff “… but I don’t want it yet … “, well … 🙂

Players specifically mentioned enjoying the game system today, by the way. Tracy especially mentioned how she likes Potential and spending it. We completed our sixth session today with a cliff-hanger as they head to the Temple of the Snake God.

Image is by Corwe (all rights reserved by photographer)