6d6 Magic Play Report

Brian Isikoff’s 6d6 Magic campaign has moved onto it’s fourth session.  Having survived the dungeon of demon strata, our heroes now adventure wider into the Hundred Baronies.


This session of 6d6 went quite well. This was the fourth session the new campaign, “The Gray Realms”. The two ongoing Players (with Occulas and Corvell) were joined by a 3rd (who played the mysterious Fletcher).

Occulas and Corvell agreed to head out, in support of the Baroness De’Souf, in search of some potential wealth to refill the depleted baronial coffers. The Baroness, it seems, had heard of a rumor of a flooded town and keep in the nearby barony of Easterling and potential lost wealth location in that recently ruined keep.

The two headed off into the Harrain Hills to the north, and the town of Sylvan Lake.

Several days out, they intervened in a small massacre as a rock spirit had at a quartet of dwarves. They saved two, but were too late to save the others. Fletcher appeared at the time, appearing mysteriously from some nearby woods.

From there, the group – named “dwarf-friends”, journeyed to the Dwarfhold of Harrain were they were welcomed by Hailsworth, the third in line of succession for the hold. Hailsworth was a hoot, by the way – loud, full of bluster and hospitality … I totally channeled Brian Blessed.  😉

From there, they took a rowboat to the flooded town, which got creepy really quick. They met and interacted with a stranger – an old man, his tongue long cut out, with a strange mutated claw for a right hand – and managed to learn some disturbing things … and a warning to leave when the ruined windmill began to turn.

From there, the exploration was pretty creepy, and we broke for dinner (homemade by my players) and put the game on a cliffhanger break as they explored the ruined keep.